Ana Sayfa

e-mail: bavci[at]

Hello! I am a microbial ecologist interested in diversity and evolution of environmental microorganisms.

My research has focused on visualization of Asgard archaea in marine sediments. This newly discovered archaeal superphylum encodes several types of proteins previously considered specific for eukaryotes, suggesting a high cellular complexity in prokaryotes. To this end, I am using in situ hybridization and advanced microscopy techniques to reveal ultrastructure of Asgard archaea cells in the environment. This would help us to understand how the subcellular complexity of eukaryotes evolved.

I obtained my PhD and MSc. degrees at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology and the BSc. degree in Environmental Engineering with minors in Molecular Biology and Genetics at Istanbul Technical University.


August 31, 2021: New publication in The ISME Journal!