Spatial separation of ribosomes and DNA in Asgard archaeal cells The ISME Journal 2021

Burak Avcı, Jakob Brandt, Dikla Nachmias, Natalie Elia, Mads Albertsen, Thijs J. G. Ettema, Andreas Schramm, Kasper Urup Kjeldsen

We show potential compartmentalization or membrane invagination in Asgard archaeal cells.

Polysaccharide niche partitioning of distinct Polaribacter clades during North Sea spring algal blooms The ISME Journal volume 14, pages 1369–1383 (2020)

Burak Avcı, Karen Krüger, Bernhard M. Fuchs, Hanno Teeling & Rudolf I. Amann

We show that closely related Polaribacter spp. occupy distinct glycan niches and avoid direct competition in marine algal blooms.

Genomic and physiological analyses of ‘Reinekea forsetii’ reveal a versatile opportunistic lifestyle during spring algae blooms Environmental Microbiology volume 19(3), pages 1209-1221 (2017)

Burak Avcı, Richard L. Hahnke, Meghan Chafee, Tanja Fischer, Harald Gruber‐Vodicka, Halina E. Tegetmeyer, Jens Harder, Bernhard M. Fuchs, Rudolf I. Amann, Hanno Teeling

We show the ecological traits that makes Reinekea forsetii a versatile opportunist in spring phytoplankton blooms.

Adaptive mechanisms that provide competitive advantages to marine bacteroidetes during microalgal blooms The ISME Journal volume 12, pages 2894–2906 (2018)

Frank Unfried, Stefan Becker, Craig S. Robb, Jan-Hendrik Hehemann, Stephanie Markert, Stefan E. Heiden, Tjorven Hinzke, Dörte Becher, Greta Reintjes, Karen Krüger, Burak Avcı, Lennart Kappelmann, Richard L. Hahnke, Tanja Fischer, Jens Harder, Hanno Teeling, Bernhard Fuchs, Tristan Barbeyron, Rudolf I. Amann & Thomas Schweder 

We show the genomic and metabolic adaptations of Formosa spp. during algal blooms. My contribution to this study is genome annotation and metagenome analysis.

Alpha‐ and beta‐mannan utilization by marine Bacteroidetes Environmental Microbiology volume 20(11), pages 4127-4140 (2018)

Jing Chen, Craig S. Robb, Frank Unfried, Lennart Kappelmann, Stephanie Markert, Tao Song, Jens Harder, Burak Avcı, Dörte Becher, Ping Xie, Rudolf I. Amann, Jan‐Hendrik Hehemann, Thomas Schweder, Hanno Teeling

For the first time, we demonstrate that marine Bacteroidetes can utilize mannans. My contribution to this study is phylogenetic analysis and supervision of lab work.

My Google Scholar profile is here.

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